Statute of the festival


  • To increase interest in animation among a wide audience and support domestic creators.


  • Attracting a new audience - The festival offers a wide range of animation works that will be interesting for different age groups and tastes.
  • STRENGTHENING INDUSTRIAL RELATIONSHIPS - The festival fosters partnerships between companies and professionals in the animation industry, leading to new business opportunities.


  • Creative Freedom - We strive to create a safe and open space where creators are free to express their ideas and visions.
  • Innovation - we recognize the importance of innovation in animation and strive to support and encourage the application of new technologies and ideas.
  • Education - we focus on developing skills and knowledge in animation, recognizing the importance of education in advancing the art of animation.
  • Collaboration - we believe in the power of collaboration and strive to build bridges between industry professionals and audiences around the world.

Attachment No. 1 Evaluation Criteria for Contest Nominations for the main and student contests are evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • compliance of the content of the work with the stated direction;
  • dramaturgical component: relevance of the theme, idea, plot, composition, conflict, heroes, characters;
  • director's decision;
  • emotional impact;
  • sound, camerawork, editing;
  • technical realization (quality of animation, video editing, complexity of execution);
  • artistic merits (style, design, completeness of the composition);
  • originality of concept and execution;

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